Selected Papers for Poster Presentation

Following is the list the papers selected for Poster Presentation. Best three posters will be awarded with an appreciation letter in the closing ceremony. 

Poster 206: Characteristics of Nepalese cross-border migrants to India (Laxman Singh Kunwar)

Poster 207: Structural dimension of migration in Nepal (Naba Raj Thapa)

Poster 304: Factors associated with depression among elderly living in old age homes in Kathmandu Valley (Rekha Timalsina; PD Sherpa; DK Dhakal)

Poster 305: Ageing population and its implication on Nepal’s economic demography (Kushum Shakya)

Poster 308: Responsibility of health policy and ageing (Manju Yadav)

Poster 309: Need assessment of elderly people in a village development committee of Kathmandu district (Pramila Devkota)

Poster 310: Socio economic and health status of elderly people living in different arrangements: A comparative study (Shrijana K.C)

Poster 311: A study on the social and psychological problems of elderly in higher class group in Mumbai (Priyanka Vijay Janbandhu)

Poster 405: Exclusion of Madheshi women in decision making (Sushma Tiwari Dwivedi)

Poster 406: The status of gender inclusion in community forestry of Nepal: A case study of Lalitpur district (Dipendra Bikram Sijapati)

Poster 407: Deviance against women: How safer our mega cities are? (Shubhranshu Kumar Upadhyay; Pallavi Gupta)

Poster 408: Demographic and socioeconomic determinants of women empowerment in Nepal (Renuka Kumari Karki Bogati)

Poster 409:  Determinants of women empowerment in rural setting of Western Hills of Nepal      (Deepak Raj Paudel)

Poster 505:  Status of early marriage in SAARC countries (Suma Sedhai)

Poster 506: Miss adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) talent contest: An innovative approach to the youth by the youth for the youth (Sharad Kumar Aryal;  Rabindra Karki; Ravi Shrestha)

Poster 507: An explorative study of third gender in Pokhara Valley (Shansila Shrestha)

Poster 508: Socio-economic and demographic characteristics of excluded group: A study of LGBTI (Third Gender) in Western Development Region of Nepal (Bobin Nepali;  Arjun Thapa; Krishna Bahadur Sunar)

Poster 609: Roadmap to a near perfect RMCNH+A focused health initiative: A case study of Maharashtra (Manasi Bawdekar; V.S. Jaiswal)

Poster 705: Does accessibility of public health facilities deter the phenomenon of by passing? (Neelanjana Pandey)

Poster 706: Maternal health and the utilization of maternal health care services with special reference to West Bengal, India (Dipika Subba)

Poster 707: A unique and innovative tool to measure the impact of reproductive health programmes (Justine Coulson; Sabitri Sapkota; Michelle Weinberger)

Poster 808:  Knowledge and attitudes of married women of reproductive age towards intrauterine devices and medication abortion (Diksha Khadka)

Poster 1005: Youth's last sex partner and STI/HIV/AIDS in Nepal (Dhanendra Veer Shakya)

Poster 1012: Age sex distribution of population in selected districts having negative inter census changes in 2001 and 2011, Nepal (Binita Kumari Paudel; Apiradee Lim; Arjun Mani Guragain; Bishant Pokhrel)

Poster 1205: Living standards: Means of human development in Nepal (Bhes Nath Sapkota)

Poster 1206: Trends and patterns of urbanization in India and States: Linkages with socio-economic indicators (Ruby Jain; R. B. Bhagat)

Poster 1207: Role of women’s empowerment in determining child stunting in Bangladesh (Ankita Siddhanta)

Poster 1208: Examining intra-dalit discrimination in dalit community of Gorkha district (Shiva Prasad Khanal)

Poster 1209: Population dynamics and food security in Nepal  (Nirmal Kumar Bishokarma)

Poster 1210: Factorial ecological investigation of human population in Nepal (Umesh Kumar Mandal)

Poster 1305: Foreign migration: Population dividend perspective in Nepal (Pradip Raj Tiwari)

Poster 1306: Inequalities in adolescent marriage in Nepal: A sub-regional level analysis (Arjun Mani Guragain, Chamnein Choonpradub; Binita Kumari Paudel)

Poster 1307: Socio-demographic correlates of age at marriage in Nepal: An empirical analysis (Nepali Sah)

Poster 1409: Unhealthy risk behaviours among school going adolescents in Delhi (Kapil Dev Sharma; Neeraj Sharma; Aditi Sharma)

Poster 1410: Awareness and perception about diabetes and hypertension (HBP) among healthy adults in two States of India: A qualitative study (Aditya Kumar)

Poster 1411: Causes of deaths and disease burden among adolescent and youth population of Nepal (Bhagabati Sedain; Puspa Raj Pant)

Poster 1505: Intimate partner violence against infertile women in India (Javeed A Golandaj)

Poster 1506: An example of community managed GBV free model village (Usha Baaniya)

Poster 1507: Socio-cultural violence against women:  A study of Far-Western Development Region in Nepal (Lakshmiraj Joshi)

Poster 1508:  Son preference culture and its consequences (Hira Dahal; Binu Lama; Sharda Paudyal)

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