Plenary 1: Demographic dividend in Bangladesh and South Asia (RH Chaudhury)

Plenary 2: Migration for employment in Nepal: Issues and challenges (Ganesh Gurung)

Plenary 3: ICPD beyond 2014 global review: Salient findings, priority areas for action and relevance to post 2015 (Francois M. Farah)

Plenary 4: Adolescents sexual and reproductive health and rights (Mara Decker)

Plenary 5: Population and human development: The key connections in Nepal (Bina Pradhan)

Plenary 6: Impact of child health intervention in Nepal: The case of vitamin A (Shyam Thapa)

Plenary 7: Population programmes and policies in Nepal (Ram Hari Aryal)

Plenary 8: Communicating technical demographic messages to policy makers and the public (Terence Hull)

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