Full Paper Guidelines

Authors are requested to read the instructions provided below carefully for preparing research paper.

General Guidelines for Authors

· Papers presented at the National Conference must not have been published previously.

· Papers will be posted on the PAN website as PDF files and password protected after the Conference.


· Papers should be smaller than 3 megabytes as word documents.

· Papers should not exceed 25 pages including references and annexes. Please use the same 12-point font throughout the paper and number all pages starting from the title page. All margins should be 2.5 cm and the text should be left-justified with 1.5 line spacing.


· Title of the paper should have the font size of 18, bold and centered followed by authors’ names and affiliations centered with font size of 12. Put the date of the Conference and the date of presentation.

· Abstract: The paper should have an abstract (150-200 words) that summarizes the content of the paper.

· Spelling: Choose either American or British spelling but be consistent.


· All references cited only should be given in an alphabetically order at the end of the paper. In the text, all citations should be properly placed in the parentheses with semicolons separating different works such as Author X (1999); Author X and Author Y  1999); (Author X  1999; Author Y  1977). Add also the page number for quotations (Author X 1999:20). If publications are in the same year or by the same author, identify these by a, b, c. (Author X 1999a, 1999b) arranging from earliest dates.

· Books:  Author X 1999. Book Title. Publisher, City.

· Articles in periodicals:  Author X and Author Y 1999. Title of article. Title of Journal 31: 2-15.

· Articles in Books: Author X 1999. Title of article, in Author X and Author Y (eds.), Title of Book, Publisher, City, pp. 347-84.

· Unpublished works, reports, theses: Author X Title of paper. Paper presented at the National Conference, Kathmandu, 2014.  Web address and Accessed date.

· Footnotes not allowed but can use endnotes.

Figures and Tables

· Tables and figures should be placed in the text of the paper whenever possible by avoiding large tables if possible. Otherwise, put the large tables in the annex before the references. All figures should be black and white.

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