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KATHMANDU, JUN 06 - United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA) launched a selfie campaign during the ongoing First National Population Conference 2014 at Soaltee Crowne Plaza in Kathmandu on Friday.


Gilulia Vallese, UNFPA Nepal Representative, launched the campaign on the sidelines of the conference by taking a selfie of herself and the audience. "The idea behind this campaign is to gather selfies as a show of support and use them to communicate to decision-makers that young people all over Nepal want to make sure that they are put in the picture of future development plans," added Vallese in a press statement released today.

This is part of a global youth campaign that UNFPA is launching before this year’s World Population Day on July 11 under the theme of “Investing in Young People”.

The campaign is designed to gather millions of selfies from young people, decision-makers, high-profile celebrities and others, in support of UNFPA’s appeal to feature young people’s needs prominently as part of post 2015 development agenda. Young people are still too often excluded from decision making processes that directly affect their lives, added the statement further.

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