The first national population conference which will hold discussions on population issues and sustainable development,  starts June 05 in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu, June 04, 2014 – The population conference is jointly organized by Ministry ofHealth and Population, Population Association of Nepal, Central Department of Population Studies, Centre for Research on Environment, Health and Population Activities, Family Planning Association of Nepal and United Nations Population Funds Nepal with the support of PSI Nepal and Marie Stopes International as Co-organizer.

The main objective of the conference is to hold discussion on different issues of population and sustainable development among development partners of national and international arena.

Similarly, formulating a common concept on the basis of plan of action of the InternationalPopulation and Development Conference-1994 and Millennium Development Goal-2000 was also the objective of the conference.

A press release jointly issued by the organizers on Tuesday states that a total of 72 working papers on birth, migration, safe motherhood and child health, population, family planning, abortion, among others related to population and development would be presented by the national and international experts in the three-day conference. -RaSaSa

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