First National Population Conference 2014



KATHMANDU: The First National Population Conference 2014 kicked off in the capital today with a view to bringing together policymakers and researchers.

The theme of the conference is ‘Communicating Population For Development Planning’. 

Inaugurating the three-day conference, President Ram Baran Yadav suggested that the country’s policies and programmes should be developed as to be able to address demographic changes. 

Reminding the stakeholders of challenges ahead mainly brought by the shifting demographic structure which is contributing to produce youth bulge and gradual increase in elderly population, President Yadav urged the demographers and development planners of the country to link development efforts with the characteristics, composition, distribution and demands of population. 

The event aims to bring together policymakers, academicians, researchers, development practitioners and other stakeholders to form a collaborative network, share research findings and good practices and to explore, discuss and advocate emerging issues relating to population and development.

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